Preserving the Past, Securing the Future: The Role of Security Bollards in Historic Towns

In historic towns and cities where history and heritage coexist, installing security bollards often sparks discussions among locals. While some express concerns about the compromise to the city’s aesthetic charm during installation and temporary street closures, it’s essential to understand the crucial role Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) plays in preserving both the past and the future.

Balancing heritage and security 

Our perimeter protection solutions are not just about safeguarding people; they are about safeguarding our shared heritage. We recognise that historic buildings and monuments, as they age, become more delicate. This fragility amplifies the need for robust HVM measures to ensure that the towns and cities with rich heritage remain intact for future generations to appreciate.

We also understand the significance of preserving the unique character of historic towns. The installation of security bollards is not intended to detract from the city’s charm but to enhance it discreetly. When we start a new project, careful attention is paid to the aesthetics of the bollards chosen, ensuring they seamlessly blend into the historical surroundings and respect the architecture that usually defines these historic locations. 

In keeping with historic towns or cities, aesthetics is not just a design choice but a reflection of our understanding that heritage-rich locations draw tourists from around the globe. Therefore, it’s important not to compromise the look and feel of somewhere by installing aggressive HVM solutions; rather, choosing perimeter protection that blends in with surroundings is something we prioritise. 

Unfortunately, the popularity of these towns makes these areas potential targets for vehicle attacks. Criminals often target densely populated locations to maximise the impact of their actions.

By acknowledging the increased risk that historic towns face due to their popularity, we’re taking a proactive stance to protect the lives of those who inhabit or visit these areas and the invaluable cultural and architectural heritage they embody. Our HVM solutions serve as a shield against potential threats, allowing locals and tourists alike to continue enjoying the beauty of these towns without compromising their safety.

Security bollards for historic towns

In bustling historic towns and cities, where preserving cobblestone streets and historic structures is as important as ensuring safety, we can provide a range of traffic calming measures tailored to these unique settings. One solution is our Synergy Bridge Bollard System, this is ideal for broader protection along wide high streets. Thanks to its extremely shallow -mounted capability, with no need for additional fixing bolts on Installation, this Is a great choice for Inner city areas that need to Install protection retrospectively. 

The Apex Shallow Mount Bollard is a good choice when safeguarding shop fronts in the immediate vicinity. This bollard seamlessly integrates into the streetscape, offering protection without compromising the visual appeal of these historic areas.

Our revolutionary Matador Sliding Bollard which is designed to be Installed in inner cities, maintains historical aesthetics with Its unique design, whilst prioritising safety in pedestrianised areas. This innovative choice becomes crucial in locations where even shallow Installations are impractical. This flexibility ensures year-round protection and makes it also suitable for temporary events, preserving the historical backdrop during festivities like Christmas markets.

Our Electro-Mechanical (EM) Matador goes beyond its protective role, integrating with the streetscape through our Architectural Paving System. This addition allows for incorporating paving systems into the Matador base, ensuring a unified blend with the historic surroundings.

Our Managing Director, Debbie Heald MBE, comments: “We understand that the installation process of HVM solutions in towns and cities might cause temporary inconvenience with street closures, and we appreciate residents’ and tourists’ patience during this crucial phase while keeping in mind that short-term disruptions will lead to long-term benefits.” 

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