Perimeter security bollards: Balancing aesthetics and safety

At Heald, although ensuring robust pedestrian protection and mitigating the risk of vehicle-bourne attacks is at the forefront of the business, we understand that aggressive security in the public realm is not always the answer. 

When people think of perimeter security, many assume these systems are meant to look purposely hostile and aggressive. However, this is not the case. When it comes to protecting public spaces, various aspects must be considered, including the bollards’ overall aesthetic and how they fit in to match the surrounding architectural design.

The Importance of bollard aesthetics and user experience 

It’s important to consider how the public perceives physical security, especially in an urban city centre environment. The look and feel of a public space doesn’t need to be compromised by safety. Moreover, as English tourism generates approximately £100.8 billion in revenue annually, encompassing a safe yet welcoming approach in high-footfall locations is essential. 

Due to hostile vehicle mitigation being in place to provide the public with safety, peace of mind and ease of use, there is no need to create unnecessary fear. Aesthetically pleasing bollards well-integrated within the environment can still fulfil their safety function while maintaining a positive pedestrian experience.

Blending in with the public realm and appropriate surroundings 

Bollards are often installed in public spaces, streetscapes, and urban areas, and with the correct choice of bollard design, hostile vehicle mitigation can enhance an area instead of making the location feel uninviting. Likewise, they can contribute to the architectural design of a space, successfully creating a cohesive and visual experience instead of an unwelcoming one. 

Whilst we encourage bollards integrated into vulnerable spaces to remain aesthetically pleasing, we recognise that a vibrant look may not be appropriate for some environments, especially historical ones. Although we can provide covers and colours to our products to fit these historic locations, a classic and clean design perfectly suits high-profile, corporate and professional sites. 

Bollard aesthetics for different occasions 

We can supply a range of bollard designs which can be adapted for use in a variety of different applications, ideal for creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere while providing public safety and security.

Over the years, we are incredibly proud to have been chosen as the perimeter protection providers for some of the most high-profile spaces across the globe, as well as a number of elite sporting events. Our patent-protected Matadors were installed at the 2012 London Olympics, outside the iconic Wembley Stadium, and at the World Snooker Championships. Both presented appropriately suited designs.

Retrofitting perimeter security to suit events and locations

Retrofitting perimeter security has never been easier, thanks to our innovative products ideal for surface and shallow-mount installations. Our range of automated, rising and sliding bollards are perfect for allowing warranted vehicle and visitor access whilst complementing the area’s aesthetics. Whether it’s a historic building, a public venue, a sports event or a retail high street, we can provide options to create a high-quality yet subtle design which will blend into the public realm.

At Heald, we strive to provide security solutions to meet your needs. If you are interested in finding a protective solution that fits In with your bespoke requirements and still offers the highest level of protection, we have many available options at Heald. 

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