Retrofitting perimeter security in the built environment

Due to altered regulations, ongoing heightened protection measures and security system expectations, evaluating existing perimeter protection for upgrades and modifications is essential to ensuring a vulnerable space is equipped with the highest-quality protection. This process is called retrofitting. 

In light of the pending Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, also known as ‘Martyn’s Law’ and ‘Protect Duty’, in order to ensure a vulnerable area or building is protected from unanticipated vehicle-borne attacks, perimeter protection should be regularly adapted according to changing circumstances. 

From creating pedestrianised areas in towns and city centres to enhancing the perimeter security of high-profile buildings or event spaces –  retrofitting effective perimeter security measures needn’t be a challenge. In this blog, we highlight some of our products which are ideal for retrofitting: 

Surface and Shallow Mount Technology

Taking into consideration retrofitting scenarios, we have developed a collection of surface and shallow mount technology, appropriate for areas where deep mount excavation may not be appropriate or possible due to the underground infrastructure. 

Apex Static Bollard

Heald’s Apex Static Bollards are positioned with no pinning required and secured with concrete backfill – this makes it the ideal system for councils to create secure spaces in pedestrianised areas retrospectively. Moreover, the Apex Static Bollard can provide a seamless perimeter security system for historic and contemporary architecture, subtly blending in with the public realm.

Synergy Bridge Bollard System

In some instances, retrofitting perimeter security may be a complex fix, and bridges are an example. Since the number of attacks on high-profile city bridges, including London Bridge, our Synergy Bridge Bollard system was brought to the market to address challenges faced by retrofitting HVM measures.

Digging into foundations or bolting products to the ground may cause severe damage to the structural integrity of a bridge. To combat the installation issue, we purposefully designed a shallow mount security system ideal for protecting vulnerable bridges and pedestrian areas needing modified or new protective measures.

Suitable for securing various inner-city locations, as well as a more comprehensive number of locations, the Synergy Bridge Bollard system takes roughly 45 minutes to deploy and requires no pinning or concrete base. The Synergy Bridge Bollard system has also been IWA-14 crash tested to halt a 7.2 tonne N3C truck (18 tonner) travelling at 48 kph (30 mph). 

Perfect for retrofitting, the modular design of the Synergy Bridge Bollard system also provides the option for an expansion joint, allowing for expanded protection. 

Sliding Matador System

Our multi-award-winning Matador range can also be suited to retrofitting scenarios. Our patent-protected Sliding Matador Bollard System can be easily bolted to a suitable base and removed when necessary, making it ideal for temporary events in particular. Likewise, our Matador range requires a very shallow foundation depth – please contact Heald for further details.

For many years a surface mount Matador was in place to protect The Crucible and in particular, the World Snooker Championships before a shallow mount Matador was installed as a permanent measure. 

Are you looking to introduce enhanced hostile vehicle mitigation measures to a built environment or to modify or upgrade an existing perimeter security system? Get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help:

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