What is PAS 69?

What is PAS 69?

PAS stands for Publicly Available Specification. Published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2013, PAS 69 aims to provide guidance on the selection, installation and use of vehicle security barrier systems (VSB). 

What is the difference between PAS 69 and PAS 68?

PAS 69 is the sister publication of  PAS 68, which gives in-depth impact test specifications for vehicle security barrier systems, bollards and road blockers. 

PAS 69 is designed to assist designers, architects and security professionals to select and install the right security systems for their intended purpose. 

What is PAS 69 used for?

PAS 69 explores the different types of VSB available on the market. It provides guidance on how to select certain barriers and the best way to install them. It prompts those selecting security barriers to consider carrying out critical asset assessments by identifying what needs protecting, as well as site and threat assessments to identify the risks there are in a particular area. It also advises on the construction and safe removal of VSBs.

Who is PAS 69 for?

PAS 69 is intended for use by public and private sector professionals. Facilities managers, operations specialists, architects and designers will all use PAS 69.

Why do I need PAS 69 for security measures?

VSBs and other security systems such as bollards are designed to mitigate against hostile vehicle attacks, improve traffic control and also provide physical protection for people and property in the event of an attack.

However, if a security system has been installed incorrectly or hasn’t been used for its intended purpose, it can render the system useless. Industry standards must be adhered to to ensure that security barriers can do their jobs effectively - and save lives.

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