Crash Tested Bollard

Our Crash Tested Automatic Bollard is ideal for locations where a more architecturally sensitive security solution is required.

K8 Rated Bollards


Rising to a height of either 640 mm or 800 mm, our Crash Tested Bollards succeeded in halting a 6.8 tonne truck travelling at 64 kph (40 mph), in the US K8 impact test.

Crash Tested Bollards are available in a range of colours and finishes to integrate with any environment, as well as with reflective strips for high visibility.

Each bollard is a separate unit so they can be used to secure an opening of virtually any size. They can also be combined with static bollards such as our Sparta range to secure an entire perimeter.

Raised and lowered by remote push button control, they are also available with Heald’s Hydra control and monitoring system. Our Crash Tested Bollards are installed as an array of single units. Other access control options are also available.

Configurations & Technical Specification

Performance rating: US K8 6800/64 (6400 mm)

Bollard height: 640 mm or 800 mm

Bollard diameter: 220 mm

Normal operating speed: 3 – 4 seconds approx.

Options: LED lighting options available, Hydra control and emergency fast operation (EFO)

Foundation depth:
640 mm: 1100 mm
800 mm: 1250 mm

Crash Tested Bollards Data Sheet