Women in Manufacturing: Leading the Way for International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day (8th March 2024), where #InspireInclusion is the theme, we want to highlight the contributions and achievements of women in manufacturing within our organisation. 

The number of women pursuing careers in manufacturing and engineering has been steadily increasing, reflecting a growing recognition of their skills, expertise and growing interest in these areas.

Speaking to our wonderful employees, we delved deeper into the experiences and perspectives of the women who help shape our company’s success. We asked them a series of questions, and the responses emphasised the sense of empowerment and equality felt by our team members. Here’s what some of the Heald team had to say: 

Janice, Accounts and Maintenance Administrator

“Feeling equal and empowered is important for my wellbeing and professional growth in my current role at Heald. This happens through understanding my role and responsibilities, which are reinforced by regular connections with colleagues in the business, including Debbie. Everyone has taken an active interest in my abilities and achievements in the short time I have worked at Heald. This has given me great confidence, empowerment and the feeling of being treated as an equal. 

“I like the variety my role brings, as no two days are the same. I also enjoy my role, knowing that I am a valued member of team Heald and that my skills and ideas are put to best use. I have been given the opportunity to inspire others and build relationships with colleagues of all genders. I love that I am being given personal development opportunities to expand my skills through training in other departments, so I have a more holistic view of the business. 

“I would say that Heald is committed to equal opportunities for growth, learning opportunities and success for all Heald team members, regardless of gender. Diversity brings value to any workplace, including Heald. Team Heald are advocates for gender equality in the world of manufacturing and engineering.”

Jenny, Quality Systems Administrator

“I enjoy the diversity of my role. I have the freedom to do my job without being micromanaged, allowing me to take initiative and accomplish things. I love the aspect of being given a job to do and left alone to do it. That being said, I also enjoy working alongside others. The company is not just a group of employees. We’re friends at work and outside of work.

“This is a company that is continually developing in an exciting industry. Opportunities are available from apprenticeships all the way through to higher-level roles. Debbie is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing talent and supporting women and girls in leadership, decision-making, business and STEM.”

Caley, Maintenance Administrator

“I feel equal and empowered in my role at Heald. I am comfortable seeking support and knowledge from both women and men within the company. It is fast-paced and makes me think on my feet. I am learning something new daily and gaining confidence in my role thanks to my colleagues guiding me. Any questions I have asked have always been met with a helpful response, dramatically improving my knowledge. I would tell any woman who wishes to join Heald Ltd that this is a great workplace! Everyone is so friendly yet professional. 

“At Heald, there are so many opportunities to improve. It is brilliant that so many women are a part of the manufacturing and engineering sector.”

Championing women in manufacturing 

A recipient of the MBE honour for her significant contributions to export and women in STEM, our managing director, Debbie Heald MBE, champions opportunities for women in manufacturing. With a commitment to supporting local schools and colleges, Debbie and the Heald team collaborate closely with organisations such as Hornsea School and Language College and Ron Dearing UTC. In 2022, Debbie was honoured with the Over 100 Hours Award for her volunteer service through the STEM Ambassador Programme. 

Debbie comments on Heald’s inclusive workplace: “We’re proud to have created a workplace where everyone has an equal opportunity to flourish, irrespective of their background or identity, and we are extremely proud of all our team and their commitment to inclusivity. 

“It’s also important to highlight that the women of Heald play a crucial role not only in the day-to-day operations of the business but also in safeguarding communities worldwide against potential vehicle attack threats, ensuring that people can navigate their daily lives safely and securely.” 

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity within the manufacturing industry, take a
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