Three Tests, Three Passes for Heald’s Automated Bollard Systems

Three Tests and Three Passes for Heald’s Surface Mount Sliding Bollard System.

Heald’s HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4 surface mounted automated bollard systems achieved PAS68:2010 zero penetration classification no less than three times in recent crash tests.

The system is available in two models: HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4. Both comprise of two static outer bollards; the HT1-Matador3 has a single inner sliding bollard, and the HT1-Matador4 has two inner sliding bollards.

Both models have been proven to withstand a hostile vehicle penetrative attack.

This innovative system is totally unique. It is designed to contain all the operating mechanism within the base unit and can be simply bolted to an approved foundation. Installation can take under 2 hours as excavation is not always necessary. This makes it perfect for both permanent and temporary installations.

Company Director, Debbie Heald saidMatador-3-Crash, “We invent new products designed to help counter the latest terrorist threats. We offer a variety of high quality Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions to businesses around the world. This gives our customers a choice of PAS68 tested security products to suit individual customer requirements. With the HT1-Matador, we can offer temporary high security solutions that are quick to install.”

The HT1-Matador is easily operated by a number of methods (e.g. card, fob, keyswitch guard). The inner bollard(s) move through a slide mechanism to a secondary position behind the adjacent fixed bollards; the unique product design means that the distance between the moveable and fixed bollards remains constant throughout the entire operation thus minimising the risk of trap Matador-4-Crashhazards.

As the bollards do not disappear below the surface and are clearly visible at all times, this makes it particularly safe for both pedestrians and vehicle access. The operating mechanism is protected via a movable top track that covers voids and minimises trap hazards.

All Heald products are put through rigorous quality assurance tests before installation to ensure long lasting, trouble free operation. ISO9001 registered, we have been awarded the QMS Diamond Award for customer satisfaction. Founder members of the PSSA, we also hold a Secured by Design License for our entire PAS68 Roadblocker range. All three impact tests were conducted to the BSI PAS68 standard using a 7.5 tonne truck travelling @ 48kph. Each product achieved zero penetration.

The first impact test saw a truck impact on the central, moveable bollard of the HT1-Matador3; the second test was against the two central, moveable bollards of the HT1-Matador4.

The HT1-Matador3 and HT1-Matador4 both gained the PAS68 classification V/7500(N2)/48/90:0.0/0.0.

The third test was against the outer, fixed bollard of the HT1-Matador4 at a 45 degree angle. This achieved the PAS68 classification V/7500(N2)/48/45:0.0/0.0.


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