The Benefits of Shallow and Surface Mount HVM Solutions

Choosing the right perimeter security solution for your needs 
When choosing perimeter security for your site, bollards are an indispensable solution. However, some sites which require a high level of security do not allow for deep excavation, therefore making the installation of deep mounted bollards impossible. 

This is where surface and shallow mount bollards come into play. They offer a flexible security solution, for locations where excavation is not possible, either due to a network of underground services or the location itself (such as placement over an underground tunnel, car park ramp or bridge deck).  

Moreover, surface and shallow mounted bollards use a low quantity of concrete as compared to deep mounted bollards, making them a cheaper solution. This also means the installation time is significantly reduced (our team can mount a shallow-mounted bollard in under two hours, which results in less time on site and reduced groundworks).  

Temporary Installations 
In addition, surface and shallow mount bollards prove to be a great solution for temporary events such as; festivals, seasonal fairs, diplomatic visits, or other large scale gatherings. Surface mount bollards leave no permanent damage to the site.  

For shallow and surface mount bollards, no pre-casting of the pit is required, nor is any additional rebar. Therefore, they are ideal for temporary installations in areas where a permanent fixture is not required. 

Functional design 
Shallow mount bollards allow for a minimal excavation, and have been designed in such a way as to minimize the ingress of dirt or debris. Moreover, shallow mounting means avoidance of services, which allows them to be mounted in locations with a high service density, such as city centres. 

Due to their innovative design, Heald’s bollard’s do not require formwork, and offer reduced time needed for setting out. Furthermore, because a shallow mounted bollard requires a simple, concrete base, there is no need for reinforcing bars.  

High security with easy installation – surface mount bollards 

Surface mount bollards are characterised by their ease of installation. They are simply bolted to a suitable surface, which means they can be used in virtually any setting. 

Moreover, their quiet operation means a minimal level of noise pollution whilst at the same time providing maximum standoff distance and zero penetration of the site. 

Because of the ease of their installation, surface mounted bollards offer decreased disruption to a business and its surrounding environment. 

Furthermore, Heald’s Matador 3 and 4 are the only surface mount, automatic sliding bollard systems available in the world, tested to four different crash test standards including halting a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 50 mph (80 kph). Discover more about Heald's Matador Range

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