Heald’s New HT1 – Mantis 80 Bollary Array


At Heald, we believe that everything can be improved and adapted; our designers and engineers are constantly working on refining our products to make them more secure, more cost efficient, more reliable and more user friendly.

Earlier this year, we launched our HT1-Mantis 80 shallow mount static bollard, which offers a great combination of security, style and flexibility. With an installation depth of just 300 mm it allows high security at sites where deeper excavation is simply not possible.

Research following the introduction of the Mantis 80 has shown that although it can be used as a single, standalone unit (and was tested as such), it is often required for use in a bollard array, to protect a much wider aperture. As such, our team has made some adjustments to the Mantis 80’s design to enhance its performance when tested in an array of three units.

The Mantis 80 Bollard Array was tested by MIRA to the latest IWA14-1 standard, where it received a rating of IWA14-1: 2013 Bollard V/7200[N2A]/80/90:3.5. This means that it arrested a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at a speed of 80kph. You can view video footage of the test impact on our website; important points to note are that the Mantis completely stopped both the front axle and engine block of the vehicle, completely disabling it and that the cab of the vehicle came to rest just a few meters from the bollards.

Heald’s Mantis range offers unrivalled levels of flexibility for static bollard installation. Between the Mantis 64 and 80 single units and the new Mantis 80 Bollard Array, virtually any site can be secured simply and stylishly.

For more information on Heald’s HT1-Mantis range and our other perimeter security products, please call our friendly, knowledgeable sales team on 01964 535858.

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