Heald Gains Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Recently, Heald took a significant step forward in strengthening our cybersecurity measures by successfully completing the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

What is the Cyber Essentials accreditation?

Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, government-backed scheme that helps protect organisations, whatever their size, against a range of the most common cyber attacks.

Why did Heald take part in the Cyber Essentials accreditation?

This accreditation highlights our commitment to following the best cybersecurity practices, showcasing that we proactively protect sensitive information, maintain system integrity, and create a secure digital environment for our stakeholders. 

What does the Cyber Essentials accreditation mean for Heald customers? 

We believe that achieving the Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrates our commitment to robust cybersecurity and reinforces our clients, partners, and stakeholders’ trust in us. As we continue to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of digital threats, Heald remains dedicated to prioritising the security and resilience of our digital infrastructure.

How does Heald reinforce Cyber Essentials best practices to employees? 

Following the accreditation, we have implemented regular staff training for current and future threats. This training is reinforced by the clear guidelines outlined in our information security policy, which provides a comprehensive framework for our staff to adhere to. 

Our managing director, Debbie Heald, commented on the achievement: “ We take our responsibility to protect our customers data very seriously, we are committed to continuing to provide a secure environment and cyber essentials was an important step in solidifying Heald as a trustworthy organisation. 

“We’re committed to building on this accreditation by continually refining our cybersecurity protocols, staying vigilant against current and emerging threats, and adapting to the evolving nature of cybersecurity challenges.” 

To learn more about Cyber Essentials, please visit the National Cyber Security Centre, and to speak to our team about what this means for our customers, contact us today

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