Front Page Feature For Heald In Fencing Observer Magazine

We are delighted to share that in the latest issue of leading perimeter protection publication, Fencing Observer Magazine (FOBS) Heald was positioned as the lead feature. 

FOBS Magazine, also known as Fencing Observer Magazine is based in Germany but is distributed internationally. The magazine?focuses on perimeter protection, access control, fences, gates and drives. 

Gracing both the cover and an impressive 12 pages in Fencing Observer Magazine, Heald’s Managing Director, Debbie Heald discusses our high security solutions alongside our innovative security products. Examples of the products exhibited in the Fencing Observer Magazine include our roadblockers and bollards, such as the Mantis and the Viper, plus discussing our development and future for Heald. Not only did we feature in a twelve-page spread, we were also featured on the front cover! 

To quote a snippet from the feature in FOBS,?“… An English Manufacturer from Northfield, developed a wide range of solutions with eye-catching designs. Their product range consists of bollards, roadblockers and barriers…” 

Make sure you grab a copy of the magazine featuring Heald to read our full 12-page spread!

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