Effective Perimeter Security Solutions For One-Off and Short Term Events

Vehicle-borne attacks - a new threat?  
While the use of vehicles to undertake attacks has been going on for many years, namely to deliver improvised explosive devices, they are now becoming a terrorist technique in itself, as opposed to a means of delivering explosives.  

Vehicle attacks are relatively easy to plan and carry out without detection, the weapon (the vehicle) is perfectly legal to own and operate but when operated with deadly intentions can have a devastating impact. 

2016 saw a rise in the number of vehicle attacks and if you ask anyone about such an attack, you are sure to get a response – whether it’s Westminster (2017), Heidelberg, Nice or Berlin. The latter attacks took place at seasonal fairs – Bastille Day and Christmas, respectively. 

Therefore, governments and local councils should actively be considering their counter-terror strategy in advance of any outdoor events, whether they are large scale music festivals or smaller scale gatherings. 

Why does it matter? 
This begs a question of securing such sites: why is it important to have perimeter security measures in place at short or one-off events? 

They gather large numbers of people in one place and time; 
Knowing a site is secure provides an incentive for more people to come to the festivals and events; 
Events can happen with ease, as the organisation team knows there are effective and reliable security solutions in place; 

What can be done? 
One of the answers is to install temporary perimeter security and protection. Although our bollards, road blockers and barriers play a leading role in securing physical entities such as leisure centres, stadia, airports, banks and shopping malls, they can also be employed for short-term or one-off events.  

An example of such use is the 2012 London Olympics, where the bespoke design of our sliding Matador bollards – which enables them to be installed in locations which require a surface or shallow mount solution – proved highly successful in effectively protecting the sites whilst still providing access to both visitors and service vehicles.  

Alternatively, the installation of such measures can offer a permanent solution for areas where there is a large pedestrian footfall. 

A long-term solution for short term events 
When organising an event, conference or festival these days, perimeter security is a matter which simply cannot be overlooked. Whilst you do not wish to shout out about the security measures in place, it is important to mitigate the potential for an alternative form of attack, ensuring that the event and its attendees are at a reduced risk of attack should offer greater peace of mind and lower insurance costs.  

Our bollards, due to their easy installation and surface or shallow mounting offer a solution that has proven to be an excellent investment for our customers. Products which can be repeatedly re-used at various events, subject to site analysis, are very cost effective.  

Furthermore, we offer full training on their usage on-site, which means our customers can store and reinstall them when and where they are required.

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