Celebrating Three Years of Heald’s Automated Bollard – the HT1-Matador


Three years ago this week, the world of perimeter security changed. At MIRA’s testing facility, a new type of bollard was crash tested to the then current PAS68 standard. It was unlike anything that had come before; not only did it feature an automated lateral opening motion, it also required no excavation of the road surface to install.

Tested against a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 48kph, Heald’s HT1-Matador automated bollard received a rating of PAS68 V/7500(N2)/48/90:0.0/0.0. This means that it halted the test vehicle with no dispersion or penetration.
Awards and Accolades

Following its test success, the Matador was launched to great acclaim from members of the security community. It has been recognised in a number of security and innovation awards, including the Security Excellence Awards, the Counter Terror Excellence in Innovation Awards and the Home Office ADS Security Innovation Awards.

Following its initial success with the Matador, Heald developed a range of similar products to fulfil different requirements. The original Matador featured two static bollards and one sliding one; soon our design and engineering team had produced the Matador 4, which features two sliding bollards, and the three or four bollard Fixed Matador.

Successful Installations

After initial favourable press and award success following its launch, the first wave of Matador installations began. One of the unique features of the Matador is how easy it is to install and remove; the base unit can be bolted to a suitable road surface and removed in a matter of hours, with a minimum of disruption and damage to the ground. This makes it ideal for short term and temporary installations.

One example of this flexibility was the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Matador units were used to secure a number of temporary locations whilst traffic was re-routed during the event, then removed after the closing ceremony. As well as the incredibly flexible installation options and high security, the Matador also allows for pedestrian ingress when closed; essential for these particular locations.

The Matador is especially suitable for areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic due to its complete lack of trip and trap hazards and its innovative sideways sliding motion. The lateral motion not only appears more natural to passers by, it also ensures that all moving parts are always visible, making it safer not only for pedestrians but also for vehicle users, minimizing the chance of accidental damage or injury.

In the three years since its launch the Matador has been installed at a range of high security locations including government facilities, financial institutions and transportation hubs amongst others. All of these locations chose the Matador based upon its high security, its safety for all users, its ease of installation and its stylish appearance.
Looking Forward

Heald have never been a company to rest on its laurels, and the Matador range is no exception. Our engineers are currently working on a new improved version of the Matador, with the aim to produce something to withstand a heavier test impact whilst retaining the simplicity and style of the original Matador.

For more information on the Matador, why not give our friendly, knowledgeable sales team a call on 01964 535858.

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