Oslo’s Avinor Airport Benefits from Matador Protection

With an average of 28 million people travelling through Oslo’s Avinor Airport, it was crucial that the airport provides stringent levels of perimeter security to protect from the threat of vehicle attacks.

Working alongside distribution partner, Mil Sec, it was identified that Avinor Airport would benefit from the install of Heald’s hydraulic Matador range which consists of both static and moveable bollards.


Oslo Airport required a range of products such as static protection, but for specific areas would allow for the access of permitted vehicles such as that of the emergency services if required.

An added challenge was that they required a solution that would take into consideration the local climate and would operate in sub-zero temperatures and take into account functionality with ice and snow.

The products also needed to be installed with minimal disruption to enable smooth passenger flow in and out of the terminal buildings and take into consideration challenges with excavation as the bollards need to be retrospectively fitted into an environment with existing underground infrastructure.


Due to its shallow mount install, Heald’s Matador range was identified as the ideal perimeter protection solution. Six of Heald’s award-winning HT2-Matador 4’s, which has a sliding bollard operation, were installed in areas which would require vehicle access, whilst the rest of the perimeter was secured by 24 of Heald’s Fixed Matador bollards.

Crash tested to halt a 7.2-tonne truck travelling at 40 mph (64 kph), the bollards were finished with stainless steel covers to create an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Perimeter protection extended to the airport’s onsite train station ensuring high levels of security at crucial points.

Commenting on the install, Debbie Heald MBE said: “This has been a fantastic project and I am glad Heald has been able to provide a suitable security solution for Oslo Airport. We will look forward to continuing to secure other airports with our range of innovative hostile vehicle mitigation solutions.”

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