Mini Viper

The Mini Viper access control roadblocker is a surface mount system, which offers a flexible security solution where excavation is not possible.

Heald’s Mini Viper is an innovative roadblocker which presents high visibility and an easy installation. Due to its surface mount install, the product is simply bolted directly to the ground’s surface. The Mini Viper is ideal for temporary events or in areas where a permanent fixture is not required. Alternatively, the Mini Viper can be installed flush mounted to the road surface requiring an excavation depth of only 110 mm.

The Mini Viper’s standard blocking element stands at 340 mm or 450 mm when raised. The product can be used for many purposes, ranging from traffic control to acting as an imposing security barrier.

The Mini Viper is fitted with a steel skirt that provides additional safety and ensures minimal debris build up. The product is wholly hot-dip galvanised to guarantee durability and performance. Different colour options are available to ensure full integration with site architecture and surroundings.

Configurations & Technical Specification

Roadblocker height: 340 mm and 450 mm

Roadblocker width: Various widths available

Normal operating speed: 2 – 3 seconds approx.

Options: Large size LED traffic light, colour options, photocells, vehicle ramps and handrails

Foundation depth: Surface mounted

Mini Viper Data Sheet