Anti Vandal Roadblocker

Heald’s Anti Vandal Roadblocker is available in a range of sizes and provides highly visible security for any location.

Our Anti Vandal Roadblocker is designed to present an imposing security barrier to any would-be attackers.

From the smallest 340 mm model right up to the 1200 mm model, the Anti Vandal Roadblocker can be used for purposes ranging from simple traffic control to a security barrier.

The Anti Vandal Roadblocker is available with a range of options and configurations. For more information, download the datasheet or get in contact with our knowledgeable sales team.

Configurations & Technical Specification

Roadblocker height: 340 mm – 1200 mm

Roadblocker width: 2000 mm – 6000 mm

Normal operating speed: 2 – 5 seconds approx.

Options: Emergency fast operation (EFO), large size LED traffic light, colour options, Hydra and lockable inspection cover

Foundation depth: 600 mm – 1500 mm

Anti Vandal Roadblocker Data Sheet