Heavy Duty Bollard

The Heavy Duty Bollard is an ideal alternative to the roadblocker when the environment requires environmentally pleasing security system.

Lying flush to the road surface when at rest, the Heavy Duty Bollard rises to a height of 640mm or 800mm at full extension, providing a formidable barrier against unauthorised entry/exit.

Where automatic operation is required the Heavy Duty Bollard is available with the usual variety of access control options including Heald’s Hydra control and monitoring system which offers unprecedented levels of interaction through a simple streamlined interface.

It can be supplied with an EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) system where required.

The Heavy Duty Bollard will also require the installation of a control cabinet, detection loops and ducting to allow the unit to function and communicate. Our fitters will ensure that everything is installed both to our extremely high standards and to your satisfaction.

Configurations & Technical Specification

Bollard height: 640 mm or 800 mm

Operating speed: 3 – 4 seconds

Options: Emergency Fast Operation (EFO), stainless steels covers and Hydra Control

Finish: Galvanised then primed and painted black with a red reflective band

Heavy Duty Bollard Data Sheet