Bridge Bollard Expansion Joint

  • IWA 14 Tested Bollards

Heald’s Synergy Bridge Bollard System Expansion Joint consists of a 5400mm barrier creating a free space of 4000mm between the two bollards as part of the Heald Bridge Bollard System. This unit was designed to provide capacity for bridge expansion, allowing for lateral movement of up to 150mm. The unique design requires no pinning and no excavation into the carriageway.

Although the Bridge Bollard Expansion Joint has been designed to address the challenges specifically faced in protecting bridges, it is also ideal for any locations where even bolting to the ground is not possible. The opening provided by the Expansion Joint unit is beneficial to provide protection over areas with manhole covers or near-surface utilities which prevent the installation of bollards. This will allow for a continuous line of hostile vehicle mitigation protection.

The bollard system has been IWA-14 crash tested to halt a 7.2 N3C vehicle (18 tonner) travelling at 48 kph (30 mph). Its unique interlocking design provides shared distribution of the load, while patent applied technology offers additional protection by anchoring the bollards into the ground upon impact, preventing the vehicle from penetrating the area the bollards are protecting. The crash test vehicle impacted the barrier in the centre, with no encroachment of the vehicle onto the pedestrian footway. The modular bollard design of the Bridge Bollard System allows for additional bollards to be added to expand the area being protected.

The bollards take approximately 45 minutes to deploy excluding civil works. With no requirement for a concrete base, the existing pavers are simply lifted, the bollards are fitted and the existing pavers are then refitted. A variety of different bollard covers are also available.

The Bridge Bollard System is easily transported, due to its modular design and each bollard is simply bolted to the next one on site.

View the crash test by clicking here.

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IWA 14 Tested Bollards

Configurations & Technical Specification

Performance Classification

IWA14-1:2013 Bollard V/7200[N3C]/48/30:0

Bollard Diameter

220 mm (without covers)

Bollard Height

875 mm (without covers)
955 mm to the top of the BBS base

Expansion Joint Height


Expansion Joint Width

5400mm (Bollard centre to bollard centre) 4000mm (Base plate to base plate)

Bollard Cover Width

450mm (to allow for 75mm lateral movement in either direction from centre)

Excavation Depth

No pinning required

Patent Number

GB Patent Application Number GB2000701.9

Bridge Bollard Expansion Joint Data Sheet