Viper Shallow Mounted Road Blocker

Heald’s Viper is an imposing security roadblocker which due to its ingenious British folding design, only requires a very shallow foundation depth. The shallow mount road blocker has been tested to both PAS68 and ASTM standards to give you the ultimate perimeter protection.

During crash testing, the Viper roadblocker halted a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at a speed of 80 kph (50 mph) and continued to function afterwards. The Viper was tested against an N3 vehicle, which are difficult to stop due to their size in comparison to other vehicles.

 In house testing at Heald’s factory has guaranteed that the Viper has a proven reliability, with a 200,000 cycle test report.

Shallow Mount Road Blocker

The Viper requires a very shallow foundation depth of just 400 mm because of its folding design, with no pre casting needed. This means that the installation of the shallow mount road blocker is as simple as possible. During installation, no reinforcement of concrete is required.

Its unique design of the Viper’s protective skirt reduces debris collection and ensures that there is easy access for maintenance. 

The shallow mount road blocker stands at 1050 mm tall when fully raised, finished with bright yellow and black stripes for high visibility as standard (other colours are available). We also have synthetic oil options available with the Viper, which is environmental benefit.

The Viper will require the installation of a control cabinet, detection loops and ducting to allow the unit to function and communicate. Our fitters will ensure that everything is installed both to our extremely high standards and to your satisfaction.

View the crash tests on our YouTube Channel here: 

PAS68 test

ASTM test

Configurations & Technical Specification

Performance rating: PAS68: PAS68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/24.6 ASTM: astm 2656-07 M50:P1

Roadblocker height: 1050 mm

Roadblocker width: 3000 mm: will secure an opening of up to 5400 mm

Normal operating speed: 6 seconds approx.

Options: Emergency fast operation (EFO), LED lighting, synthetic oil options, colour options, Hydra, high security lock out valve and anti-sever burst valves

Foundation depth: 400 mm

Viper Data Sheet