Raptor Retractable Bollards

  • PAS68 Tested

Heald’s Raptor is a patent protected retractable security bollard, crash tested to both PAS68 and ASTM standards. Following crash testing, the Raptor received a zero penetration result and operated after impact.

Heald’s Raptor combines the high security of a road blocker with the flexibility of a shallow mount bollard. The retractable bollard is the most resistant bollard of its type on the market due to its unique design and internal reinforcement which other bollards simply don’t have.

Tested to both PAS68 and ASTM standards, the Raptor halted a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 80 kph (50 mph). During testing, downforce measurements were taken and were found to be extremely low, meaning underlying services and building structures remain protected upon impact, which is another unique feature of this security product. The retractable bollard also continued to function following the impact, maintaining emergency services access and on-going protection.

Successful crash testing was undertaken on a single unit, meaning the security bollard can operate as a standalone unit or as part of an array to secure an opening of any size.

Retractable Security Bollards

The unique design of the Raptor means it is extremely safe in operation, with no trip or trap hazards. Plus, there are no wear points, meaning extended longevity. Its design also means the retractable bollard only requires a very shallow foundation depth of just 500 mm, making the product fast and easy to install.

Integrating well with modern architecture whilst maintaining an imposing presence, the Raptor security bollard is ideal for sites where high security is essential, but where a contemporary style and design is also required. 

The Raptor will require the installation of a control cabinet, detection loops and ducting to allow the unit to function and communicate. Our fully trained installation team will ensure that everything is installed both to our extremely high standards and to your satisfaction.

View the crash tests on our YouTube Channel here: 

ASTM test

PAS68 test

PAS68 Tested

Configurations & Technical Specification

The EM Raptor is part of Heald’s new electro mechanical range, that comes with many additional benefits. Available as either an array or a singular unit, the EM Raptor uses 50% less electricity to operate and only requires a small cabinet, reducing the carbon and space footprint.

The EM Raptor doesn’t require any hydraulic runs or large power units due to running off a single phase power supply. The Electro Mechanical Raptor only requires a 3 KW motor and can also operate from a generator where no power supply is available. An additional benefit is that the EM Raptor uses no oil, therefore there is no chance of an oil spillage.

Electro Mechanical Raptor Data Sheet

The Manual Raptor can be operated manually where no power supply is available and is easily operated via a battery drill. The Manual Raptor is the ideal solution for sites where access is not required as regularly.

The Manual Raptor is built to the same specifications as our Automated Raptor, meaning the Manual Raptor complies with the same crash test specifications. Available as either an array or a singular unit, the Manual Raptor has no requirement for a large cabinet to house electronic controls, reducing the space footprint.


Performance Ratings:

Granted EP patent EP2561140 (FR,SE,NO,NL,IT,DE,TR);

Granted GB Patent GB2479722;

Granted US Patent US8,979,419;

Granted US Design patent D715174;

Raised Height: 985 mm

Raptor Width: 380 mm

Foundation Depth: 500 mm. No pre-casting required or reinforcement of concrete

Options: Emergency fast operation, LED lighting, Hydra, trace heating, high security lock out valve and anti-sever burst valves

Operation: Hydraulic, Electro Mechanical or Manual

Operating Speed: 4-6 seconds dependent on operation

Patent Numbers:


Granted EP patent EP2561140 (FR,SE,NO,NL,IT,DE,TR);

Granted GB Patent GB2479722;

Granted US Patent US8,979,419;

Granted US Design patent D715174;

Raptor Data Sheet

Fixed Raptor Data Sheet