Why are bollards necessary?

Bollards. We see them everywhere, whether they are in car parks or along the side of a busy high street. In fact, the sight of bollards is nothing unusual and they are very much part of everyday life, to such an extent that we may not even notice them as we go about our day to day business. As more bollards are installed across the UK, people start to ask; are they essential?

In Heald’s latest blog, we discuss the different bollards that are available on the market and why they are a necessity.

Why are bollards becoming a necessity?

When we look back to 2017, this was the year that many authorities became aware that they needed to rethink their security strategies and requirements. During 2017, Europe and the UK became a higher target for hostile vehicle attacks, which involved terrorists deliberately ramming vehicles into pedestrians to cause destruction and harm.

The UK’s threat level rose to critical for the first time in ten years, spreading fear across the nation as to where another attack could potentially happen.  Many open and crowded spaces started to implement temporary barriers whilst considering what security measures could be implemented long term to help mitigate attacks.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office also released a detailed Crowded Places Guidance, which offered advice for people in charge of security at crowded places such as shopping centres, sports stadia and bars.  This guide also details that to help mitigate an attack, the physical security products that should be installed include bollards, gates and street furniture.

However, it isn’t just terrorist attacks that mean we should install bollards; ram raids have been on the rise too, with criminals targeting ATM machines and high street shops, meaning that these also need to be secured.

Are there different types of bollards?

Many types of bollards are available on the market depending on your security requirements. These can include static bollards, automatic bollards and rising bollards to name a few.

Static bollards are usually installed in areas that don’t require access to vehicles, such as along the sides of pavements to protect pedestrians. Static bollards are a cost effective solution that require minimal maintenance, yet are still effective.

Automated bollards allow access for authorised vehicles and are suitable for areas such as car parks and high streets. Many automated bollards can be installed with a shallow foundation depth, meaning that underground utilities are not affected.

Aesthetics can also play an important role. Plenty of bollards are available with a variety of different covers to help the security products blend into their location. For example, at Heald we can offer various cover types including stainless steel covers, Corten covers, and black cast aluminium covers to name a few. If you require different colour covers, we can also powder coat on top of all our covers.

What is important to consider though is that if you need the bollards to provide hostile vehicle mitigation as that is where the difference lays in terms of the protection offered.

Should I buy a crash tested bollard?

When considering buying bollards, you should take into account what type of protection your area needs. For example, are the bollards for simple traffic management, or to secure a high profile building or pedestrianised area? Knowing this will depend on whether a crash tested bollard is suitable.

There are three different types of crash test specifications; these include PAS 68, IWA and ASTM. When a product is crash tested, it will come with a performance rating informing you what type of truck the product has been crash tested against and to what speed. For instance, Heald’s HT3-Matador has a performance rating of IWA 14-1: 2013 Bollard V/7200[N2A]/80/90:3.2, meaning the HT3-Matador is capable of halting a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 50 mph (80 kph). Products that have a performance rating gives the end user reassurance that the product can act efficiently and protect the designated area when at threat from a hostile vehicle attack.

Heald’s security solutions

We have over thirty years’ experience in helping our customers select the product which is best suited for their site. At Heald, we can offer a variety of different bollards, from electro mechanical solutions to deep mount static bollards, plus bespoke solutions.

To discover what the best security solutions are for your site, contact our knowledgeable sales team today by emailing sales@heald.uk.com or by calling our office on +44 (0)1964 535858.

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