Three Years Since Viper ASTM Test

Heald’s HT1-Viper shallow mount roadblocker was designed to bring high profile security to areas where it was previously impossible. With a foundation depth of just 400 mm it can be installed in areas such as underground car parks or anywhere with ducting close to the surface.

The Viper was initially tested to the stringent UK PAS68 standard, where it received a rating of PAS 68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90: 0 /24.6, meaning that it will arrest a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 80 kph. The initial response to the Viper was so great that, a few months later – and three years ago this week – it was retested to the US ASTM standard.

As with the PAS68 test, the Viper not only arrested the vehicle (a 6.8 tonne truck travelling at 50mph), it also continued to operate following the test.

As with all Heald products, the Viper is installed as a single unit, with no precasting of the concrete pit or additional rebar required. This makes it one of the fastest, easiest installs on the market today. This makes the Viper the perfect choice not only for locations where a highly visible, highly secure solution is required, but where standard deep mount installation is not possible, but also those where minimal disruption is necessary.

Heald offer a wide range of perimeter security solutions, from the stylish surface mounted HT1-Matador sliding bollard to the imposing HT1-Commander 30 tonne roadblocker. Whatever your requirements, Heald have the perfect solution.

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