The Matador – Heald’s Rapid Deployment IWA 14 Crash Rated Barrier

Heald's crash rated barrier 
Heald Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of world leading counter-terrorist vehicle control systems, have introduced its new regeneration technology, including its enhanced Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) for its popular rapid deployable surface mount product, the?crash rated barrier, named the?HT2 -Matador. As a result, the HT2 Matador can now be rapidly and efficiently deployed into isolated locations and areas that have no power supplies, but still, requires that same level of mitigation and functionality as a permanent solution. 

Heald’s totally self-contained HT2-Matador crash rated barrier has revolutionised the perimeter security industry. It offers an unmatched combination of IWA-14 tested security, automatic operation and surface mount installation. It is the only surface mount, automatic sliding bollard system available in the world, tested to halt a 7.2-tonne truck travelling at 64 kph. Not only did the Matador arrest the test vehicle with a zero penetration rating, it also continued to function following the impact with no repairs. 

The HT2-Matador crash rated barrier was recently deployed successfully to protect attendees at a number of overseas Parliaments and Governmental locations. In many cases, they are needed for crowded places and events, such as sporting events, festival events and outdoor markets. 

Heald Ltd manufacture the HT2-Matador for purchase?or lease and offer quick delivery from their manufacturing facility in Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. 

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