Supporting HSLC: The latest update

We are proud to announce that we are continuing to support Hornsea School and Language once again this year in several areas.

Similar to last year, Heald is one of the sponsors of the school’s F24 Challenge group, Team Morpheus. The F24 challenge is part of Greenpower Events and allows students to build an electric car, which they use to compete against other schools in the area.

Although the street race has been postponed, the students are currently working on changing the nose of the car to follow the 2019 regulations. Heald’s sponsorship has helped Hornsea School in several ways, including buying the necessary carbon fibre to ensure the car safe to drive. They have also been able to buy hoodies with thanks to our donation and are currently looking at buying T-Shirts to contribute to the team looking professional.

Supporting students and informing them on what careers opportunities are local to them is extremely important to us. At Hornsea School’s Career Event earlier this year, Heald spoke to students aged 11 – 18 about the type of careers we can offer. With a number of jobs in manufacturing, as well as office-based roles including sales, maintenance and computer-aided design (CAD), there is plenty of careers to choose from.

There is still a stigma that the majority of manufacturing roles are predominantly taken on by men. Breaking the boundaries, we have approximately a 50/50 split workforce and are always keen to welcome fresh faces to our workforce, with roles suitable for both males and females.

Following on from offering advice at the Careers Event, our Managing Director, Debbie Heald MBE is now the school’s current Enterprise Adviser. Approached last year, Debbie volunteers at the school to help guide students in preparing for a life in the working world.

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