Success for Heald’s Matador Range

The past week has seen two successes for Heald’s award-winning, sliding bollard system, the Matador in a string of new crash tests. Two different models undertook separate tests to different standards and both have successfully passed.

The HT2-Matador 6 was PAS68 crash tested, halting a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 64 kph (40 mph). After the impact, the sliding bollard system continued to function, allowing access for emergency service vehicles.

The Matador 6 consists of four central moving bollards and two fixed bollards to accommodate access for large vehicles or tight turning circles. When fully opened, the Matador 6 has an opening of 6850 mm. The HT2-Matador 6 is available with automated electro mechanical operation, or can alternatively be operated manually. 

Matador Bollards

Heald’s HT3-Matador 4 was also crash tested to IWA standards. Up against a 7.2 tonne N2A vehicle travelling at 80 kph (50 mph), the Matador 4 halted the truck. This is a new record for Heald’s Matador!

Altogether, Heald’s Matador Range has now been crash tested four times, with each test to a different standard. Heald are constantly striving to meet the demand from the market, which is why we offer the Matador in a variety of different models, now with a proven 50 mph stopping capacity.

The Matador Range is available with either one, two or four moving bollards. The bollards simply slide to the side to allow access for vehicles. The Matador is a unique product to Heald, which has granted patents, meaning you can find nothing else like it on the market.

Due to its sliding bollard feature, the Matador can be surface mounted. This means the product is suitable for temporary events and has previously secured the World Snooker Championships and the London Olympics. Alternatively, the Matador can be installed with a shallow foundation depth (between 110 mm – 160 mm depending on the model).

As Heald continue to innovate the patent-protected Matador range, we now offer the Matador with manual operation and also electro mechanical operation. Heald’s Electro Mechanical Matador has many advantages, such as using 80% less electricity compared to a standard hydraulic unit, a smaller sized cabinet and no long hydraulic runs. No oil is required to operate the Electro Mechanical Matador, offering sustainable security and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Commenting on the crash tests, Heald Managing Director, Debbie Heald MBE said “As part of our commitment to providing products which push the boundaries we are committed to putting our Matador up against some of the most stringent tests on the market to ensure we can provide products which protect from the most extreme threats. The latest crash tests cement Heald’s Matador as one of the world’s most effective HVM bollards”.

You can view the HT2-Matador 6 crash test here.

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