Rapid Deployable Solutions for the Event Sector

Rapid Deployable Solutions for the Event Sector 
Terrorist attacks in the UK are a real danger. The recent terrorist incidents throughout the world and especially within the EU, indicate that terrorists continue to target crowded places; largely because they are usually locations with limited protective security measures and therefore afford the potential for mass fatalities and casualties. Furthermore, the recent incidents in Nice, Berlin and Westminster identifies that terrorists are prepared to use vehicles as a method of delivery and will attack any sites. 

Of course, there is a need to make organised events as accessible as possible and to ensure there is a welcoming atmosphere within event arenas. There is however a balance to be achieved. 

At some organised events, there will be an expectation from the public that security measures will be in place. Equally, an organised event may take place at a location or in premises where access control and elevated security are an unexpected and unusual feature. This does not negate the responsibility to ensure appropriate security measures are in place. 

The style and quality of your perimeter security should depend on the risks and vulnerabilities identified in your security assessment. If any searching of persons or vehicles must take place then a robust perimeter must be maintained to have full confidence in the security regime applied. Where possible use existing structures to contain an event area. 

Temporary fencing will require supporting processes such as temporary hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM), to ensure reduction in risk. Equally, any temporary fencing and HVM must adhere to health & safety legislation, purple and green guide advice1 and fire regulations, remembering safety must always have priority over security. 

Heald Ltd provides rapidly deployable vehicle security barriers (VSB’s) for public and private sector markets. We undertake all system design, delivery, installation and maintenance to ensure the validity and efficiency of your HVM solution.  

Rapid deployment VSB is specifically designed for the protection of large and small scale events, to include, music festivals, sporting events and crowded places.  

The Matador RD Range 
The Heald Matador RD range offers a new, more flexible approach to rapid deployment of vehicle security barriers in the hostile vehicle mitigation Industry. The Matador RD comes in a multiple number of configurations and energy sources to meet the requirements of some of the most difficult and remote applications. 

The Heald Matador RD series comes as a standard base configuration however we will develop bespoke designs for you to match your specific application needs. 

Matador RD(F) 
Heald’s Matador RD(F) is a rapidly deployable, PAS 68 rated system and offers the convenience and security of the automatic Matador RD3 and Matador RD4 sliding bollard systems but in a simple, static package. 

It has been PAS 68-tested to halt a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 48kph (30mph) and offers several advantages over more traditionally mounted systems. 

Installation is not only extremely fast and efficient, it also allows for fitting in areas where even a shallow mount security barrier is impossible; for example, where underground ducting runs close to the surface.

The Matador RD(F) is simply bolted to the road, requiring no excavation whatsoever, making it ideal for short term or temporary installations. The PAS 68 bollards are available as a unit with either three or four static bollards mounted on a baseplate but can be combined with our Modular Matador Extension Plates to add as many additional bollards as required. The Matador RD(F) configuration allows constant pedestrian access for high throughput events and its stylish interchangeable covers make it perfect for locations where integration with modern architecture is essential.  

Matador RD3 
Heald’s Matador RD3, is a rapidly deployable, electro-mechanical, automated bollard system, which has revolutionised the perimeter security industry. 

Based on the award-winning HT1-Matador, it is the only surface mount bollard to include an automatic sliding bollard to be IWA-14 tested to halt a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 64kph (40mph).

Not only did the Matador arrest the test vehicle with a zero-penetration rating, but it continued to function following the impact with no repairs. The Matador RD3 can be installed in locations where even a shallow mount is impossible giving it a huge advantage over more traditional security barriers.

It is simply bolted (to a suitable base) onto the road making it ideal for short term or temporary projects. It can be installed flush with the surface, requiring an excavation of just 110 mm. 

The Matador RD3 automated bollard system consists of a baseplate with two fixed bollards either side of one central sliding bollard which move to the side to allow vehicular access. 

The design allows for constant pedestrian access for high throughput events, even when closed, and features a completely flat surface, meaning no trip or trap hazards, which makes it extremely safe. All moving parts are visible always, minimising the chance of accidental damage or injury. 

Matador RD4 
Heald’s Matador RD4, is a rapidly deployable, electro-mechanical, automated bollard system which has revolutionised the perimeter security industry.

The Matador RD4 is of similar design to the Matador RD3 and consists of a baseplate with two fixed bollards either side of one or two central sliding bollards which move to the side to allow vehicular access. This distance is suitable for heavy event vehicles to gain access. 

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