One Year of Heald’s Mantis Bollard

Just over a year ago Heald crash tested the stylish HT1-Mantis 64 shallow mount static bollard against a seven and a half tonne truck travelling at 64 kph (40 mph). The Mantis halted the truck with no dispersion or penetration, receiving a PAS68 rating of PAS68:2013 Fixed Bollard V/7500(N2)/64/90:0.0/0.0. Following the impact the structure of the bollard remained intact ensuring continued protection against further attack.

The Mantis is a shallow mount bollard. This means that it requires a foundation of just 250 mm (less than a foot).  Traditional high security bollards can require anything up to 1 metre (over three feet) of excavation to install.

Shallow mount bollards such as the Mantis or automated HT1-Raptor offer a number of advantages over models requiring deep excavation. They can be installed at sites where deeper excavation is problematic or impossible due to issues such as cables or ducting lying close to the surface. They are also far faster and simpler to install. Like all of Heald’s products, the Mantis takes this streamlining of the installation process to its logical conclusion; they are supplied as a complete unit and require no additional rebar or pre-casting of the concrete pit. A single Mantis bollard could be installed by our experienced fitters in less than two hours.

Heald designed the Mantis with modern architecture in mind. It is available with a range of stylish stainless steel covers to suit virtually any site and can also be painted to the client’s specifications. The covers can also be supplied with high output LED lighting solutions to help aid visibility and to make a bold visual statement. The distinctive shape of the Mantis makes it a great alternative to traditionally shaped bollards.

Following the initial success of the HT1-Mantis 64, Heald’s engineers have gone on to develop a whole family of Mantis bollards. The HT1-Mantis 80 was Heald’s first product to be tested to the new international IWA 14-1 standard and will halt a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 80 kph (50 mph). The recently released Mantis Array is specifically designed to be used to secure wider apertures where three or more bollards are required.

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