Heald Ltd Launch Revolutionary Products at UK Security Expo 2016

At this year’s UK Security Expo, we showcased a totally new concept for the perimeter security industry.

The UK Security Expo is the premier global security event of the year. Supported by HM Government, the event attracts key figures from government, transport, intelligence, defence, law enforcement, emergency services, CNI and the private sector.

We unveiled the Hydra, an intelligent remote control and monitoring system which can be used in conjunction with a number of our products and offers unparalleled levels of interaction through a simple, streamlined interface. The sophisticated software can be accessed via mobile phone, computer or tablet device.

We also demonstrated our latest shallow mount bollard, the IWA Evo Bollard, an exceptional product which requires an excavation depth of just 1.1 metres, yet can stop a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 64kph.

Our stunning new LED traffic light system was also presented at our stand at the Expo. This cutting edge technology can be integrated with any of our products and can flash, breathe, change colour and glow brightly to instruct drivers on when it’s safe to enter or exit a building, with any type of vehicle barrier system.

This year, The UK Security Expo provided a key focus counter-terrorism, paying particular attention to facilities and emergency planning with free-to-attend workshops and conferences, covering everything Facilities Managers need to know to protect their business.

Through a series of immersive demonstrations, visitors also explored all aspects of security from design, through to technologies to help secure, and in the event of an attack, systems deployed to respond.

Managing Director of Heald, Debbie Heald commented:

“The Security Expo provided us with the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and showcase our award-winning security products. Talking to people face-to-face allowed us to effectively demonstrate the efficiency of our products. The Expo also gave us a chance to catch up with new developments and concepts in our industry.”

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