Heald LTD Granted Made In Britain Marque for its Unique Products

We are delighted to announce that Heald Ltd has been granted use of the Made in Britain marque for its innovative product offering.

The Made in Britain marque will enable consumers to distinguish between Heald’s British-made products and other security goods made abroad. Research has found that an increasing number of consumers are keen to purchase goods that they know for certain have been made in Britain but are unable to recognise the origin of the products that they buy. The Made in Britain logo appears on thousands of products worldwide, supporting the manufacturing skills that exist in Britain today.

Part owner, Debbie Heald commented: “I am delighted that Heald have been accepted onto the Made in Britain initiative. We are firmly committed to the development of manufacturing in Britain and it has been testament to the number of project wins we have had in recent years. The Made in Britain marque will incite customer confidence and peace of mind in Heald, underlining the company’s high quality products and knowledge of manufacturing processes”.

Directors of the Made in Britain initiative include leading business figures; James Bradshaw, who’s commitment to buying only British-made goods has attracted considerable news coverage, Kate Hills, founder of website Make it British and Antony Wallis of Best of Britannia.

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