Heald LTD Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Heald Ltd are delighted to celebrate a successful 30 years in business this year.

Heald Ltd originally operated as an agricultural engineering company before recognising the need for specialised security equipment. In 1994, Heald repositioned itself as an international counter-terror product manufacturer whose products now secure many vulnerable properties worldwide.

Heald’s award-winning products consist mainly of innovative bollards, barriers and road-blockers that aim to protect a number of prominent clients worldwide.

Approximately 80% of Heald’s products are exported overseas and installed at military sites, presidential buildings, airports stadia, banks, shopping malls and many more locations that require protection against criminal activity and terrorist threat.

With a consistent approach to innovation and the aim of creating at least one new security product each year, Heald recently invented the Hydra, an intelligent monitoring system which offers clients the opportunity to operate multiple security units remotely. The development was a response to extensive market research and customer demands, particularly in the USA.

In the firm’s 30th year, Heald has collected a myriad of award wins and shortlistings including an award win with the Northern Power Women and the Yorkshire Business Leaders. Most recently, the firm was shortlisted in three categories in The Yorkshire Post’s Excellence in Business Awards.

Alongside this, Heald has also received recognition for its commitment to intellectual property in the Metis Partner’s IP100 League Table, where it was listed in 6th place.

Commenting on a very successful 30 years in business, managing director, Debbie Heald stated:

“The Heald team is delighted to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year and we look forward to another 30 years in business. With plans to expand our partner networks globally and a number of new projects in the pipeline, Heald can look forward to an exciting future.”

Heald Ltd will join other security experts exhibiting at the UK Security Expo in London later this year – an event attracting government, law enforcement, intelligence and defense audiences, who will gain the opportunity to experience the full potential of anti-terror measures.

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