Heald Launches New Range At International Security Expo

In November, Heald exhibited at International Security Expo, where we launched our new electro mechanical product range. The International Security Expo attracts over 12,500 International visitors from a variety of sectors such as emergency services, government and private sectors.

On display was Heald’s Electro Mechanical Matador 4, a sliding bollard system which earlier this year underwent an IWA crash test, halting an 18 tonner N3C vehicle at 64 kph (40 mph). After testing, the HT3-EM Matador continued to function.

Heald’s innovative electro mechanical range which features the Raptor, Evo Bollard and Viper roadblocker has many additional benefits, such as using approximately 60% less electricity to operate compared to a standard hydraulic system. Additional selling points include no hydraulic runs, no oil and a smaller cabinet to house electronics.

Managing Director, Debbie Heald MBE added: “We were really happy to launch our new electro mechanical range at International Security Expo, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase who Heald are and what we do, whilst revealing our latest innovations. The show gave us chance to meet some great contacts and has provided us with lots of potential projects for 2019.”

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