Heald Hydra Shortlisted for IFSEC Awards


Heald are proud to announce that our brand new revolutionary control and monitoring system, the Hydra, has been shortlisted for the prestigious IFSEC Awards 2014, in the Access Control Product of the Year (Including Biometrics) category.

The Hydra is the most advanced, user friendly product of its type currently on the market. It offers unparalleled levels of interaction with a streamlined, easy to use interface.

After a period of in-house development and testing, the first wave of modular Hydra systems is currently being installed. The Hydra is the ideal solution for projects featuring high numbers of blocker units, as the control and monitoring can be either taken care of locally or from a centralised resource centre.

For example, take an installation with over 80 HT1-Raptor units, set in banks of anything from 2 to 8. The Hydra allows for the control of the Raptors to be at a local level – by security operatives on each site – but for the monitoring to take place centrally. This means that the day to day operation – raising and lowering the Raptors – is taken care of by security professionals “on the ground”, whilst the complex monitoring that the Hydra is capable of can be relayed back to a control centre. Front line personnel are free to concentrate on the day to day security operations, whilst support staff are supplied with all of the information on the status of all of the blockers in operation they require to ensure smooth, interruption free running.

Each Hydra Master unit controls a bank of Slave units, which constantly monitor each individual Raptor. The Hydra system is capable of controlling each unit intelligently, so if one Raptor in an array is damaged, the Hydra system will analyse the remaining units and, if possible, continue to operate the array as usual. This ensures not only the smooth passage of traffic in the event of damage, but also continued security.

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