Heald GmbH brings H-Stop® to the German market to enhance event security

Heald GmbH, established in 2023, has entered an exclusive distributor agreement with Husson International Group to bring its barrier system, H-Stop®, to the German market.

Combined with Heald’s Matador, the H-Stop® will allow for enhanced perimeter protection of events. 

The H-Stop® is a high-security swift deployment barrier that protects against vehicle ramming attacks. It has been crash-tested to ISO 22343-1:2023 V/3500[N1]/48/90:12.9/19.0, stopping a 3.5-ton vehicle travelling at 48 km/h (30mph).

H-Stop® coupled with Heald’s Matador (which has been crash-tested at multiple speeds and vehicle types) allows for greater defence against potential vehicle attacks while ensuring permitted vehicles, specifically emergency responders, can still be granted access within the perimeter quickly.

Ideal for the events sector, the H-Stop® is a single-unit, 1200mm wide HVM barrier that allows for linear defence or a chicane configuration, which can be locked in place to suit specific security arrangements.

The robust wheels, equipped with pneumatic tyres, glide over uneven surfaces. Once in position, they can be locked to anchor the system. The H-Stop® can be effortlessly wheeled away, similar to supermarket trolleys, for sleek storage when not in use.

Both the Matador and H-Stop® products also allow for bespoke branding, which allows for advertising and enhances the event’s aesthetic. This prevents the perimeter security from being overtly visible, mitigating safety anxiety among attendees.

Heald shortlisted in OSPAs Awards 2022

Managing Director of Sales at Heald GmbH, Michael Dahinten, said: “One of the main requests we have in Germany is to ensure all defence lines are closed when it comes to providing perimeter security at events.

Heald’s Matador and H-Stop®, working together, will allow us to meet these needs in the German market to enhance the levels of perimeter security further to ensure event attendees are safe and protected from the threat of vehicle attacks”.

Owner/CEO Heald GmbH, Debbie Heald MBE added, “We are proud to be working alongside Husson International Group to provide accessible perimeter security protection to the events sector in Germany. We look forward to seeing our products work seamlessly together.”

To discuss your perimeter security needs in Germany, contact Michael Dahinten for further information.

Email: mdahinten@heald.de.com

Telephone: +49 (0)151 702 702 46

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