Heald exhibit at ADS PSE Paris

At the beginning of February, Heald attended their first overseas event of the year: PSE Paris. Held at the British Embassy in Paris in conjunction with ADS and the Department for International Trade, the one day event welcomed both French and English delegates from the security sector.

With 132 delegates confirmed, attendees included SNCF, the Olympic Committee and the Gendarmerie. Heald used the event as an opportunity to launch their latest security product, the Bridge Bollard System.

In a recent crash test, the Bridge Bollard System, which is completely surface mounted, product halted a 7.2 tonne N3C truck travelling at 48 kph (30 mph). Impacted at a 30 degree angle, the IWA-14 crash test demonstrated how effective the product is at halting a vehicle typically travelling along a bridge.

Heald’s Matador continues to be of interest to global security professionals due to its shallow excavation depth and being the world’s only sliding bollard product on the market with significant interest during the one day event.

Overall, the exhibition allowed Heald to network with everyone in attendance and have more insight into upcoming projects which may require hostile vehicle mitigation solutions.

The next event Heald will be attending is the Secured by Design ATLAS Event, taking place at the end of February.

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