Heald Director Debbie Heald Appears Live on BBC Radio Humberside

Debbie Heald director of Heald Ltd was a guest today on BBC Radio Humberside Breakfast Time, speaking about Innovation in Business.

Heald has just secured a UK, European and USA patent for a specialist bollard which helps protect large vulnerable targets such as airports and government buildings.

Heald are innovators in perimeter security and are one of the largest manufacturers of quality security systems in the UK.

Debbie also spoke about the Companies growth globally and how Heald are innovating by bringing key components in house such as electronics.

One product that was mentioned was the Raptor, this is a shallow mounted automatic bollard and can be seen here. You may also like to view the crash test video that was mentioned by clicking here.

The programme can be listened to if you missed it on catch-up for a limited time at Radio Humberside

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