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Traffic Flow Plates


Traffic Flow Plates

Within any industrial or commercial site, car park or similar location there is usually a need to implement an effective traffic management system. Without any form of traffic control there is a real security risk to the organisation and a chance of damage to other vehicles and a danger of injury to pedestrians.

A series of traffic flow plates offer a practical cost effective solution to any traffic control problem. Designed for strength and durability, the traffic flow plates encourage a one way traffic flow and help to prevent unauthorised entry or exit, thereby enabling vehicle movement to be managed at all times.

With heavy duty steel construction, the traffic flow plates have been uniquely designed to withstand continuous use and can be used by most types of vehicles, including HGV's. Internal rubber buffers fitted within the units reduce noise levels. A unique replaceable top flap on the recessed model ensures no further costly excavations, should replacement become necessary.

The Surface Mounted version is suitable for areas where excavations cannot take place, e.g. multi storey car parks. Both versions have an optional lock down facility. It is important that warning signage and speed restriction units are used in conjunction with the traffic flow plates.

Traffic Flow Plates help control the flow of vehicles within a site Traffic Flow Plates help control the flow of vehicles within a site

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