HT1 Matador

HT1-Matador Surface Mount Sliding Bollard Overview

Heald’s award winning HT1-Matador automatic sliding bollard system has revolutionised the perimeter security industry. It offers an unmatched combination of PAS68 tested security, automatic operation and surface mount installation. Not only is it the only surface mount automatic bollard system available tested to halt a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 48 kph, it also remained operational following the impact.

The Matador is available in a range of configurations to suit any installation, but at its core lies either one or two sliding bollards, mounted between a further two fixed bollards. On operation the sliding bollards simply slide to the side, allowing vehicle access. It can be combined with our Modular Matador Extension Plates to add as many additional static bollards as required.

The Matador offers a number of advantages over more traditional security barrier systems. Its surface mount installation is not only extremely fast and efficient, it also allows for fitting in areas where even shallow mount is impossible; for example, where underground ducting runs extremely close to the surface. It can be installed with a minimum of disruption to the road surface, making it ideal for short term or temporary installations.

The Matador’s bollard configuration allows constant pedestrian access even whilst it is closed, and its stylish stainless steel blocking elements make it perfect for locations where integration with modern architecture is essential.

The innovative design of the Matador means it has no trip or trap hazards; an important feature for a unit intended for pedestrian use. Its sliding motion also ensures that all moving parts are constantly visible to users, minimising the chance of vehicle damage or injury being caused.

The Matador 3 features two static bollards and a single moving bollard; the Matador 4 features two moving bollards. Also available is the Fixed Matador, which features three or more static bollards and offers surface mounted static PAS68 security.

As with all Heald security barriers, the Matador is available with Heald’s Hydra control and monitoring system, which allows far more detailed interaction with the unit than any other system currently on the market.

All Heald products are available with a range of options and configurations; for more information  you can download a Matador 3 or Madador 4 datasheet or get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable sales team via email or by calling +44 (0)1964 535858.