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Overview of the Matador

The world's first surface mounted Automatic Bollard System

Another revolutionary product from Heald, the Matador is a surface mounted, automated bollard system.

The HT1 - Matador comprises two fixed bollards mounted on a plate, central to the fixed bollards is one or two automatic sliding bollards. On command, these bollards simply slide to the side to allow passage of the vehicle, and slide back to protect the location.

Features of this innovative security product:

  • This is a revolutionary product - the world's first and only true surface mounted Automated Bollard (Patent application number GB1214486.1 and PCT/GB2012/000821).
  • Special design to prevent ingress of dirt or debris.
  • Fully Health & Safety compliant - no pinch points or trap hazards, no voids as complete moving mechanism is fully contained within the base plate.
  • The bollard simply slides into position to protect the location and slides diagonally on command to allow vehicle entry and exit.
  • The Matador is surface mounted and can be bolted to a concrete road or base with 18 No. M20 safety plus bolts by Heald.
  • Successfully crash tested and has received the performance classification V/7500[N2]/48/90:0.0/0.0
  • Opertaing speed - approx. 7-8 secs.
  • Would be suitable for any site, also sites requiring temporary security measures or surface mount solutions.
  • Completely visible to drivers and pedestrians at all times, no hesitation of driver as bollard movement is visible at all times.
  • Like all our systems, the Matador can be supplied with various access control systems or integrated with existing security systems.
  • This new product compliments our shallow mount solutions - the HT1 Raptor road blocker and Viper Roadblocker
  • Heald are constantly working towards developing new and innovative products, providing our customers with exact solutions to meet their needs.

On Thursday 17th November 2011, tests were undertaken on our new surface mounted automatic 3 bollard system, the Matador3.

On Thursday 4th April 2012, crash tests were undertaken on the 4 bollard version, the Matador4.

The Matador3 can be bolted to concrete road or base with 18 No. M20 safety plus bolts by Heald. The Matador4 requires 16 No. M20 safety bolts as no side fixings are necessary.


The HT1-Matador has been recognised as an innovative security solution by the Home Office, awarded Highly Commended in the ADS Security Innovation Awards 2013. It has also been recognised as an innovative security solution in the Counter Terror Excellence in Innovation Awards 2013, and reached the finals of the Security Excellence Awards 2013.

HT1 Matador Awards


Surface mount automated bollard system

Revolutionary surface mounted security system

Matador3 - 3 bollard automated system

Matador4 - 4 bollard automated system

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