Bollards Overview

Heald offers a range of traffic control bollards suitable for securing a range of sites. For higher security applications, please see our surface mounted HT1 and HT2 Matador range, our shallow mount HT1-Raptor and Mantis series and our Sparta static range.

Automatic Bollards

Our Automatic Rising Bollards offer an ideal alternative to our Anti-Vandal Roadblocker range for locations where constant pedestrian ingress is required. Also available in a gas assisted manually operated version, they provide a significant barrier to vehicles. They are available with our new Hydra control and monitoring system which offers unprecedented levels of interaction through a simple, streamlined interface and can also be accessed by mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Telescopic Bollards

Our Telescopic Bollards are steel posts that lower into the ground manually to allow vehicles to pass. They feature a metal cover to offer protection from passing vehicles and a 10-pin lock. They are ideal for controlling vehicle access to private premises or to small businesses.

Ornate Telescopic Bollard

The Ornate Telescopic Bollard offers a more aesthetically pleasing version of our standard telescopic model, manufactured from 8 mm gauge polymer and featuring an integral lock.

Removable Bollards

Our surface mounted removable bollards simply slot into the uniquely designed base plate and are secured with an integral lock.

Fold Down Bollards

Heavy duty surface mounted Fold Down Bollards provide an efficient and economical defence against unauthorised access. Fitted with an integral lock they are sturdy, durable and easy to operate. They will bear the weight of a passing vehicle.