Heald's Range of Bollards

Heald's range of automatic bollards, parking bollards, semi automatic and manual bollards are suitable for protecting a wide range of sites. Automated hydraulic bollards and manual are available in various different sizes to suit particular locations.

Manual bollards are manufactured from heavy duty RHS or CHS steel. Strong and durable in construction, the steel bollards can be excavated into ground or bolted down to tarmac or concrete. Fixed bollards can be manufactured to a customers specific requirements and for those customers requiring contemporary bollards or a more traditional look Heald can design bespoke products.

We have a wide range of bollards details listed below.

HT1-Mantis HT1-Matador HT1-Sparta Crash Tested Bollards Automatic or Rising Bollard


Heald's Mantis provides PAS68 tested security in a static, shallow mounted bollard. It is available with a range of stylish stainless steel covers.


The PAS68 tested Matador provides high security in a revolutionary surface mount automatic product; the only one of its kind currently available. Ideal for temporary installs or anywhere that excavation is difficult or impossible.


Heald's HT-1 Sparta Fixed Bollards are ideal for medium to high security installations. All Sparta bollards are composed from mild steel, and are available in a range of finishes including hot dip galvanising and painting, as well as the option of stylish stainless steel covers.

Crash Tested Bollards K8

Heald's 'supreme' steel security bollard has been tested to disable a 6.8 tonne vehicle travelling at 64kph annihilating the vehicle within 10 metres. Available in 640mm or 800mm raised height, the crash tested bollard provides an alternative to the roadblocker.

Automatic Bollards

Ideal for securing commercial or industrial sites, car parks and bus lanes, the automatic rising bollard is constructed from 220mm OD steel tube.A semi-automated gas assisted manually operated version available.
Telescopic bollards Parking Bollards /removable bollards Parking bollards / Fold Down Bollards Ornate Telescopic Bollard / parking bollards

Telescopic Bollards

The manual telescopic bollard is ideal for restricting vehicle access and strengthening roller shutters. Available with integral or padlock.

Removable Bollards

The removable bollard is a simple yet effective way to secure and control vehicle access to a site.

Fold Down Bollards

An alternative to the removable and telescopic bollards, it is easy to install and will take the weight of vehicles.

Ornate Telescopic Bollards

An attractive version of the telescopic bollard with anti drill push button lock.