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Road Blockers, Rising Kerbs, Crash tested security barriers
Road blocker, Crash tested security barrier

Heald's Range of Anti Terrorist Road Blockers

The PAS 68/K12 Road blocker (truckstopper) range incorporates specially constructed integral impact absorbers and removable front radius plates within their unique design.

The absorption bars draw most of the energy away from the main body of the blocker, helping to alleviate impact damage to the outer fabrication and concrete foundation. The front radius can be quickly and easily replaced following impact whilst the Road blocker is in the upright position, thus maintaining site security.

Rigorous testing shows that our unique design of Road blocker will withstand repeated impact and still operate, making the M800CR4 and HCR4M1200RB formidable deterrents against potential vehicular threat.

The PAS 68, K12 and K8 crash rated Road blockers all hold the Secured By Design licence from ACPO.

Road blocker Tested Crash Rated Roadblocker ( Truck Stopper ) HCR4M1200RB(30) - 30 capable of stopping a 30 tonne truck at 50mph Road blocker PAS68 tested K12 Tested Crash Rated Roadblocker ( Truck Stopper ) HCR4M1200RB PAS 68 Crash Tested Roadblocker ( truck stopper ) MC800CR4 K12 Tested Crash Rated Roadblocker ( Truck Stopper ) HCR4M1200RB HT1-RAPTOR HT1-Mantis

PAS68 HCR4M1200RB Road blocker (30)

Tested to PAS 68 (30 tonne / 80kph), this road blocker features emergency fast operation.
Test resulted in zero penetration.

PAS 68 1200mm Road blocker / Truck Stopper

With a total raised height of 1165 and 10mm steel plate reinforced PAS68 tested, to give unparalleled strength.
Test resulted in zero penetration.

K12 HCR4M1200RB Road blocker / Truck Stopper

Tested to US standard K12, this roadblocker (truck stopper) features emergency fast operation.
Test resulted in zero penetration.

PAS 68 800mm Road blocker / Truck Stopper

4 metre roadblocker (truck stopper) securing an opening of 6.2 metres. Will stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 80kph.
PAS68 tested.
Test resulted in zero penetration

HT1-VIPER PAS68 Shallow barrier

The Heald HT1-VIPER shallow mounted roadblocker has been designed for use in areas where deep excavation is not possible.

The Heald shallow mounted roadblocker protects against larger vehicle types.
A truly formidable defence.
Test resulted in zero penetration

HT1-RAPTOR Road blocker
/ Automatic Bollard

This revolutionary new concept provides a high level of security, whilst utilising a worlds first shallow mount unique design manufactured to withstand repeated impact.


Heald's Mantis provides PAS68 tested security in a static, shallow mounted bollard. It is available with a range of stylish stainless steel covers.


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